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21 ebbs and flows in alternate hues of dark and light …bringing awareness to your inner powers; that it is time for new beginnings and changes. A multifaceted fragrance, like your mind… in a constant state of metamorphosis.


21 opens with dominant woody notes of labdanum, oak moss, and cedar wood atlas. As you see yourself through your own eyes a subtle spicy harmony of frankincense and black pepper unfold exuding an air of aromatic mystery blending seamlessly with the heart notes, until making way for the magical process of transformation happening within you. Your fearless fiery side emerges like a phoenix rising from the ashes and smoke mingling up through the earthy woods.  The very essence what makes you, you…Change is coming!



SKU: 21
  •  Lemon, bergamot, sweet orange


Jacqueline heritage and modernity to create new fragrances.

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